When a Solar Panel speaks - Oh Yes! It did speak once.

Updated: Jun 11, 2021


Hey folks!

Here I am, a solar panel, breaking the stereotype and looking forward to speaking something very important to you. They say a solar panel cannot speak. Well, for a change, I am all geared up to talk today.

It was recently brought to my knowledge that humans are planning a manned mission to Mars. Well done humans, you have indeed come very far. I got this news a little late as I am working from sunrise to sunset every day, producing electricity, doing what I need to. (ahem ahem, no worries, I like my job and I am pretty good at it)


Look, humans have achieved a lot and there is a billion plus things yet to achieve. Humans do all the mighty calculations and invent great things, yet I wonder why they fail to acknowledge a pre-existing solution to a global energy crisis.

Energy - Electricity is required to operate and run various stuffs; from a hair dryer to huge industry machines, we need electric power. This electricity is derived from Renewable and Non-Renewable Sources of Energy. The problem is that non-renewable/ exhaustible sources of energy, as the name suggests, can possibly be finished sometime in future given the lightning speed at which they are being consumed. Humans have acknowledged this issue and are laying more and more emphasis on using renewable sources of energy. But then, are you ‘humans’ doing enough to maximize the use of these renewable sources? Are you making the most of freely and abundantly available Solar Energy?

No, No, A BIG NO!

I will talk about solar energy, which is one of the widely used renewable sources of energy, and how useful it is for people from almost all walks of life. Solar energy has to its name, a plethora of advantages, which makes it a very reliable and go-to source of energy.

Solar panel systems produce electricity which can be used to power appliances at home, machines at industries, etc. (of course after conversion from D.C to A.C & meeting other requirements, if any). People often ask whether solar energy can power their air conditioners, machines, or any other appliances that consume high power. The answer is very simple.

The idea is to get a solar panel system installed that will produce enough electricity to meet all of your requirements. Be it your bungalow, society, industry or factory, a solar panel system can power them all, provided the size of the system (in kilowatts) is adequate and a few other requirements are met. I suggest you to get a site survey done from 'SolarX Technologies' to explore the possibility of installing a solar panel system at your place.

(P.S - I am not their marketing guy, but they are really good at Solar EPC. Ahem ahem !)

Isn't the idea of being able to use air-conditioners all day without having to worry about electricity bills fascinating ?!. Well, that is possible. Moreover, you will be using clean energy, and thus contributing in preserving our planet. If you are a factory owner, you can obtain cheap electricity to run your machines. That will save you a lot of money. If you live in a society, it possibly has a lift, gym, water pump, common area lights, car parking units etc. which consume a good amount of electricity. The society members can save a lot in maintenance bills by using cheap electricity generated from solar panel system. If you have a bungalow or private property, you can obtain cheap electricity by installing a solar panel system to meet its electricity needs. Solar energy is also used in solar water heaters, solar pumps, solar street lights, solar mobile chargers, and what not! Solar energy is useful for people and institutions from various walks of life and solar energy is free. Why not put it to work!

It is evident that applications of solar energy (solar panel system, solar street light, solar water heaters, solar pumps etc.) are very much possible and easy to be incorporated into your day-to-day life. I hope that you would take the initiative of maximizing the use of solar energy to create a happier environment.

And last but not the least, thank you for being a patient reader. I will take your leave folks. I am planning to come up with some other topic very soon. Until then, Ciao!

-------------------------------------autobiography of a solar panel---------------------------------------------