Solar Energy can be incorporated in multiple ways. Yes, it is for you!


Sweet & Short - The idea is to reap the benefits of solar energy in one way or another.

One-size-fits-all may not exactly be the case here. It is on a case-to-case basis. For someone solar EPC might be the feasible option, for others solar appliances like solar street light, solar water heater, solar water pump may be more appropriate. And even a combination of Solar EPC, solar water heater, solar street lights might be the perfect choice depending on an individual's needs.

The bottom line is -no matter which walk of life you come from, you can utilize solar energy. But the obvious question that arises is - How do I know which application of solar energy suits me? Well, a simple site survey can give can a clear picture. We meet clients who are clear as to which solar application they need to get installed. And we also meet clients who get their site survey done to understand which solar application/s would suite them the most.

Be it your society, industry, factory, bungalow, there is a high possibility that you can install solar EPC.

Get your site surveyed to explore the possibilities of utilizing solar power

For Solar EPC system/ Solar-powered appliances ,

If you are a factory/ industry owner,

1. You can obtain cheap electricity to run your machines. It turns out to be a worthy investment.

2. Solar EPC system can be installed at various places like the factory rooftop, car-park sheds etc. depending upon the feasibility at site.

3. A simple site survey from our end will help you analyze the possibilities.

4. Solar street light (with PIR motion sensor & auto-diming) can be installed at various open places in the factory compound.

5. Certain factories require hot water for their processes. Getting a solar water heater may be an appropriate choice.

If you live in a society,

1. It possibly has a lift, gym, water pump, common area lights, car parking units etc. which consume a good amount of electricity.

2. The society members can save a lot in maintenance bills by using cheap electricity generated from solar panel system.

3. Depending upon the feasibility, society terrace, shadow car-park areas etc. can utilized to install solar EPC system.

4. Solar street light (with PIR motion sensor & auto-diming) can be installed at various open places in the society compound.

If you have a bungalow or private property,

1. You can obtain cheap electricity by installing a solar panel system to meet its electricity needs.

2. Depending on your requirements, solar street lights and solar water heater may also be a likely choice.

Solar energy is useful for people and institutions from various walks of life and solar energy is free; why not put it to work!

Solar Energy is not only renewable but also sustainable.