Solar EPC comes with a plethora of benefits for customers from all the sectors mentioned above

 Benefits include but not limited to :

  • Reduces your electricity bills.*

  • Saves from rising electricity costs.*

  • A worthy investment model.*

  • Saves from load shedding problems.*

  • Usage of clean energy.*

       (*-Terms & Conditions apply)


       On-Grid Solar system

It is connected to the electricity grid.

It is highly preferred in urban areas

      Off-Grid Solar System

It is a standalone system.

It is not connected to the electricity grid and has battery backup facility


       Hybrid Solar System

As the name suggests, it is a system that is connected to the grid and has battery backup 

Residential/ Rooftop



Operations & Maintenance


Rooftop/Residential Solar EPC

  • Buildings, housing societies, bungalow owners, can get solar panel system installed.

  • Societies; depending upon their size, consume a lot of electricity for lifts, water pumps, common area lighting, society lights, gyms and in a lot other activities. An adequate size of solar panel system can produce electricity to meet these requirements.* 

  • Bungalow or plot owners can can get the system fitted to enjoy clean and nearly free* electricity.

Industrial Solar EPC

  • Industries, factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities etc. consume a lot of electricity to keep their businesses running robustly. 

  • Solar panel system can be installed to generate electricity that can be used to power your businesses.

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Commercial Solar EPC

Solar panel system can be very useful at malls, commercial complexes, airports, railway station, roofed-party plots etc. to generate clean and cheap electricity.

Operations & Maintenance

We provide O&M contract to ensure your system is working efficiently all the time.